The bioQuad® Difference

bioQuad® Life Sciences' approach to supporting health is based on the BioQuad principles of Life. The bioQuad Principles elucidate the dynamic interplay between the four quadrants of life - i) bioREDOX, ii) bioREPLENISHMENT, iii) bioRHYTHM, and iv) bioFORMAT. When the quadrants are reinforced and operate in harmony, the body performs at its optimum.

Our health technologies combine innate multi-functional regulatory molecules (bio-replenishments) with system-specific nutrients. These premium formulations effectively delivers health benefits to various target sites in the body. BioQuad formulations are more than just ingredients or nutrients blended and placed into a capsule or tablet. These patented health technologies are based on a scientific understanding of the human body and supporting the body's natural processes. 

The result? Novel nutritional supplements that focus on reinforcing body systems naturally. Our patented health technologies are are backed by 30+ years of research, randomized human clinical studies, with results published in top peer-reviewed scientific journals.

How are We Different?

Pure Source

When manufacturing any nutritional product, the quality of the raw ingredients will dictate the quality of the finished product. The better the starting material, the better the end product. That's why we source only from the finest and most reputable suppliers. The lactoferrin we use is harvested from pure milk produced by dairy cows living in pristine New Zealand. This is the only place where the government will certify that their dairy cows are free of certain diseases (like foot and mouth disease and rinderpest) and are not subjected to any unnecessary antibiotics, hormones or GMOs.

Proprietary Process

When a simple ingredient is isolated from a complex food, the processing has to be safe and effective. Lactoferrin is present in several food products, in particular dairy. However, it's extraction, particularly to ensure purity, can be an complex process. Lactoferrin is a protein; therefore, its function is dependent on it's structure being preserved in the correct form. The most common method to isolate a protein from food is to apply heat to evaporate the liquid, and then screen out the desired actives. Unfortunately, such harsh processing can denature/damage the protein and affect the structure. To avoid denaturing, BioQuad uses a proprietary freeze dry extraction process that preserves the protein's structure.

Precise Formula

Ingredients never work alone. When a single ingredient is isolated from a food source, its no longer surrounded by its native cofactors. These cofactors are often required for "activating" the ingredients. But just adding random co-factors is not enough. The effectiveness of the product depends upon using ingredients and co-factors that are the 1) highest quality, 2) in appropriate amounts (dosage), 3) in right ratios and 4) are efficiently transported into the body (target delivery). Our team of scientists take all these physiological parameters into consideration when designing our patented nutritional formulas.

How Do We Compare?

Other Lactoferrin Products

Not all Lactoferrin is created equal. Lactoferrin is mostly sourced from dairy products such as milk, colostrum, whey, cheese, etc. However, depending on the source and its treatment, the final protein has variable purity and potency. The best quality and most bio-functional Lactoferrin comes from milk. Colostrum has the highest concentration of Lactoferrin; unfortunately, it is often tainted with undesired blood contaminants. Both cheese and whey (by-products of dairy processing) also yield Lactoferrin, but it's a less effective form. Another method to produce LF is from genetically modified organisms (GMO); for several reasons (ex. lacks certain molecular features), this has its limitations. Even after LF is harvested, it has to be further processed (to remove contaminants) and complexed with co-factors (to potentiate activity). Only our natural milk LF undergoes patented treatment for contaminant reduction (TCR) processing; the resulting active is the most pure and potent LF available on the market.

Intestinal Health

The human intestinal tract (consisting of small and large intestines) is a long (30') semi-permeable biological tube that separates the true inside of the body from the outside. Its major functions include to i) absorb digested food (nutrients, energy, water), ii) excrete waste material (feces) and iii) keep out pathogens (serve as a defense barrier). The lining of the intestine is covered with microvilli (tiny projections) that exponentially increase the surface area of the intestinal mucosa. The integrity and density of microvilli is vital for optimal absorption of nutrients. 

In the following CaCO2 cell culture experiment, intestinal epithelia cells were grown as monolayers  in vitro. The monolayers were visualized under phase-contrast microscopy for integrity and morphology. Normal viable cell monolayer appear confluent, compact, round and bright. We observed the cell morphology over 24 hours. There were four cell culture groups - CONTROL (cells without any treatment); and cells treated with i) whey LF, ii) milk LF and iii) milk LF-(TCR). After 24 hours, as shown - the CONTROLS showed cell death (apoptosis with dark brown shade). Monolayers treated with whey and milk LF actually showed both apoptosis and cytotoxicity resulting from protein exposure (dark murky color). In contrast, monolayers treated with LF-(TCR) showed confluent cell growth with healthy structural morphology (bright color with no discoloration).

Immune Support

The human host defense operates with two distinct lines: i) the first-line (or non-specific) defense against invading organisms; and ii) the adaptive (or specific) immune-type, which acts as a second line of defense to provide protection against re-exposure to the same pathogen. The interplay between these two arms of immune system establishes an effective host defense.

In this study, we have compared the ability of different LF preparations to inhibit (via bacteriostasis) the growth of pathogenic E.coli. Green-fluorescent protein (GFP)-labelled E. coli were exposed to 1% LF containing broth solutions for 24 h. Broth without any LF served as positive growth CONTROL. The intensity of GFP (measured by florescent microscopic imaging) has reflected the extent of bacterial growth-multiplication. Thus, higher the bacterial growth, brighter the green color as visualized in the CONTROL broth (without LF). Normal LF showed a slight decrease in the green fluorescence. In contrast, the LF-(TCR) has completely inhibited the growth-multiplication of the pathogenic E.coli - resulting in no enhancement of the green fluorescence. 

Quality & Functional Assurance

Licensed Manufacturer

Our licensed Manufacturer applies the most advanced manufacturing methods and the highest quality standards. The high quality in products is guaranteed by the strict controls of all incoming materials, standardized quality procedures and an approach, which is based on continuous process improvement. They use Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACPP), are good manufacturing practices (GMP) Compliant and have a modern production plant that has been ISO certified (22000). Our Manufacturer is ISO 22 000 certified following rigid quality criteria. HFL- Informed Sport + Tüv Nord Integra –Biocertificate.

Functional Testing

Quality control is an important aspect of product development; however, functional assurance is a more critical  parameter to assess the performance spectrum of a product. We conduct both in vitro and in vivo studies to ensure our health technologies work as intended. The type of testing we conduct include cell culture studies, antioxidant testing, physical performance measurements, ATP generation, bone density scans, track sleep wake cycles, etc. Our patented complexes are subjected to institutional review board (IRB) approved, double blind, placebo controlled human clinical studies.