The Bio-Replenishment Theory

Survival, growth and multiplication are the fundamental principles of life. During survival, a living organism processes a wide variety of nutrients from its milieu and breaks down these compounds by digestive process into basic chemical units, for utilization in a bio-compatible manner. For example, proteins from plant-based soy milk or an animal-based hamburger are bio-processed in a similar manner into amino acids, basic chemical units. 

A living organism, however, synthesizes (produces) its own specific molecules for precise control of its growth and multiplication. Such exclusive biochemicals include nucleic acids (eg. DNA, RNA), regulators (eg. insulin, hormones), co-factors (eg. cytochromes, ubiquinones); modulators (eg. angiogenin, growth factors) and transporters (eg. hemoglobin, lactoferrin). During the life of an organism, these biochemicals are continuously utilized and depleted by the body and replenished by regular biosynthesis. Such bio-functional compounds are collectively called ‘BIO-REPLENISHMENTS.

Bio-replenishment molecules are active regulatory molecules that exist naturally inside the body. Generally, these molecules are not found in their pure (isolated) form; they usually co-exist with other substances. For example, lactoferrin (LF), an active bio-replenishment molecule in mammalians, is found in various biological secretions (like milk) that are made up various substances. In milk, LF is part of a complex chemical composition that includes proteins, sugars, lipids, minerals, and salts. The interplay between these different components establishes the cumulative health benefits of milk (as a whole food) and defines the multi-functional role of LF as a transport protein, immune modulator, bone regulator, prebiotic, antioxidant, etc. 

Research Team

The Naidu Group

The Naidu Group was founded in 2001 by Dr. Narain Naidu. It includes N-terminus Research Laboratory, a state-of-the-art research and development facility. Dr. Naidu leads a team of scientists and medical experts whose mission is to identify, isolate, and purify natural bioactive compounds. Their research discoveries are scientifically tested and clinically proven before being commercialized into cutting-edge nutritional products. We believe that system optimization is key in the establishment of healthy body balance (homeostasis). By combining various active ingredients with our patented complexes and target delivery systems, we are able to create comprehensive formulas that support each body system. As a result, each system is replenished with both the innate multi-functional regulatory molecules (bio-replenishments) and system-specific nutrients that promote optimum health. The Naidu Group healthcare technologies currently reach hundreds of thousands of people in twenty-eight countries spanning five continents. 


Dr. AS 'Narain' Naidu, PhD (Medicine) is an established medical microbiologist/ immunologist and one of the pioneers of molecular medicine. He is globally recognized in Life Sciences as the originator of the ‘Bio-Replenishment Theory’ and the ‘BIOQUAD Principles’. He has served as professor on the faculty of universities in Europe, Asia and the United States. He is an elected Fellow or member of numerous professional and scientific societies and a research consultant to government/ public health agencies and multinational pharmaceutical/ medical enterprises worldwide. He is a prolific author responsible for many published works, including being sole editor of four reference volumes, writer of over thirty book chapters, and an investigative author of over fifty peer-reviewed research publications. Dr. Naidu’s research on natural bioactive molecules, toxic shock syndrome and food safety has garnered international recognition, and his discoveries are the basis for the founding of four successful biotech companies. He holds several patents in health-related applications.    

Corporate Team

Managing Director

Dr. Sreus Naidu, PharmD, MS (Regulatory Science), brings over ten years of leadership experience in health industry. He specializes is in research, development and commercialization of novel health technologies. He has coordinated the successful launch of multiple health products in over 30 countries. He is a member of several professional organizations and holds multiple government licensures.


Ken Carroll, CPA, has over three decades of financial and accounting experience. He is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) School of Accounting and is Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Prior to advising multi-million dollar businesses, Ken had experience working for the largest accounting firm in the world. He currently specializes in financial and tax planning for various corporations in the US and abroad.

Advisor - Public Health

Dr. Tezus Naidu, PharmD, MPH, MBS (Drug Discovery) has industry expertise in biotechnology, public health, and pharmaceutical science. He has over fifteen years of experience in clinical research and has been a lead investigator for several IRB-approved clinical studies. Tezus has co-authored multiple research publications and is a co-inventor on several patents related to nutrition.

Advisor - Integrative Medicine

Drs. Astrid Noorden is an Independent Hospital & Health Care Professional / Nurse who integrates traditional medical science with complementary medical knowledge. From 1985 till 2016 she ran her own healthcare organization. In 1993, she was the first in The Netherlands to do research into complementary therapies and nursing care. She has lectured at several academies for integrative medicine as well as authored numerous books and articles.